Saudis Say Iran’s Blame ‘Undeniable,’ But Doubts Persist

France would still like evidence before commenting

Ever since they were instructed to do so by the United States on Monday, Saudi Arabia has consistently blamed Iran for Saturday’s drone strikes. On Wednesday, they declared that at this point, it is “undeniable.”

Saudi officials offered pieces of drones they claimed were from Iran, and pieces of missiles that they similarly said were from Iran. They say that in having said that, there was no longer any way to claim that anyone else had done it.

Many nations haven’t bought in to this, and aren’t likely to do so. French officials say they don’t intend to comment at all until they see some evidence and have all the facts. That’s not the position the US nor the Saudis are taking.

Japan’s Defense Minister was even more doubtful about the matter, saying he wasn’t aware of anything that actually pointed to Iranian involvement. Moreover, he noted that Yemen’s Houthi movement had claimed the attack, and that Japan is inclined to believe them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of