Trump Says He Has ‘Many Options’ on Iran

Calls war with Iran 'the ultimate option'

In comments Wednesday, President Trump emphasized that he believes the US has “many options” for what to do with Iran after allegations Iran had attacked Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure with drones.

Trump told reporters “we’ll see what happens,” while emphasizing that he has “many options.” He described a full-scale war against Iran as the “ultimate option,” and said that “there are options that are a lot less than that.

While giving war a position of primacy among his options doesn’t exactly fit with his comments the last couple of days saying he doesn’t want to start a war, the comments still suggest war is unlikely.

In the course of his comments, President Trump also talked of imposing a number of new sanctions against Iran. He was not specific about what that would mean, beyond it being “substantial.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of