South Yemen Separatists Vow to Continue Offensive Against Hodeidah Port

20,000 fighters massing outside vital aid port

Speaking Thursday on the ongoing invasion of the vital north Yemen port city of Hodeidah, Aidarous Zubaidi, the head of a South Yemen separatist movement, has announced that 20,000 fighters are committed to taking the port, and that fighting won’t be stopped until the port is taken.

The South Yemen separatists have at times clashed with the Saudi-led invasion force, but have been backed by the United Arab Emirates, which is also involved in the attack on the important aid port. Hodeidah is the source of roughly 70% of the food entering Yemen.

The UAE has committed to taking the city, so it’s unsurprising that they’re calling on any auxiliary forces they can get. That said, it’s not clear why the South Yemen separatists would want to sacrifice themselves for a city that’s far into northern Yemen.

Hodeidah is a vital supply line for the Houthi movement, that controls northern Yemen. The last port under their control, Hodeidah is the only place humanitarian aid of any kind can come from, and without it, mass starvation is predicted.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of