New ISIS Video Threatens Attack on White House

Third ISIS Video Targeting US This Week

A new ISIS video has emerged today, again applauding last week’s Paris attacks, and threatening suicide bombings against the White House as a next potential target, as well as threats for bombings against monuments in Paris and Rome.

This is the third high-profile ISIS video released this week threatening attacks against US targets. A Monday video threatened Washington DC in general, while a Wednesday video focused on the possibility of attacking New York City, in particular Times Square.

The Department of Homeland Security has yet to comment on the latest video, though they have downplayed the previous two, saying there is no credible evidence of an impending attack. Other officials have said they were already ratcheting up security after Paris at any rate.

The frequency of these new videos in the wake of Paris suggests ISIS is trying to get even more publicity out of the massive attacks, and to increase the perception that the Paris attack was the prelude to a series of massive attacks across the Western world.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of