AP Scrambles to Revise Tweet on US Congressional Support for Gaza War

AP Also Revises Story to Seem Less Critical of Gaza Killings

As we pointed out yesterday, Congressional leaders are falling all over themselves to back Israel’s ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. The Associated Press noticed it too, tweeting out “As much of world watches Gaza war in horror, members of Congress fall over each other to support Israel.

Which like any true statement even tangentially related to Israel sparked a furious backlash of people accusing the AP of being “pro-Hamas,” and led the AP to tweet a revision, saying only that “Many U.S. lawmakers strongly back Israel in Gaza war.”

The AP also revised their article on the story, removing “While much of the rest of the world watches the Gaza war in horror and scrambles for a ceasefire…” with simply “As the war in Gaza escalates.”

As the humanitarian calamity of the Israeli war in Gaza grows, Israel and its supporters are increasingly aggressive about any perceived criticism of the large numbers of civilians they’re killing, and are openly trying to convince the European Union to regulate the content of antiwar protests across Europe.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.