Obama: EU Jihadists a ‘Serious Threat’ to US

Officials to Push for New Security Measures at Airports

Just two days after downplaying the threat posed by ISIS, President Obama today insisted the foreign jihadists recruited by ISIS, particularly those from EU member nations, pose a “serious threat” to US security.

Obama’s new comments are in line with warnings from other officials for years, that the Western passport holders joining ISIS will eventually return with contacts to jihadist leadership, and likely orders to attack.

There are dozens of ISIS supporters from the US who have gone to Syria, but thousands from EU member nations, and those passports allow them access that most Middle Eastern jihadists simply wouldn’t have.

Officials are indicating the new “threats” portend a push by the administration for “enhanced security measures” at airports both in the United States and abroad. Details of what this will mean are scant, but more “random screenings” targeted at “certain types of travelers” are to be expected.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.