France, Britain Claim Secret ‘Proof’ of Syrian Chemical Weapons Use

Reportedly Acquired 'Soil Samples' From Rebels

France and Britain have informed the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that they have as-yet-unreleased “proof” that the Syrian government was behind the alleged use of chemical weapons last month in Khan al-Assal.

The two nations immediately embraced the reports of such use as proof that they need to get involved in the civil war militarily. Though the “proof” is still not public, it reportedly includes soil samples “acquired” from rebels they are funding.

Experts largely believe that a chemical weapons attack did happen, but that it was launched by Islamist rebels, which would explain why the attack targeted military targets.

Both sides have accused the other of launching the attacks, but why the Syrian military would attack its own soldiers in such an attack is a big question. French and British officials are arguing that it was a misfire.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of