Senators Threaten to Cut Aid to Palestinians Over Statehood Bid at UN

Threaten 'Significant Consequences' to Move

With the Palestinian Authority set to pursue an upgrade in UN status to “non-member state” next week, the Senate is facing a new resolution condemning the attempt, threatening aid cuts and other “significant consequences.”

Sens. Ben Cardin (D – MD) and Susan Collins (R – ME) are the co-authors of the resolution, and are blasting the Palestinians for “unilaterally” seeking such an upgrade, and pushing for the Obama Administration to do something to stop the vote.

President Obama has been trying for awhile, unsuccessfully, with Israeli officials threatening major retaliation against Israel and PA President Mahmoud Abbas saying they will go forward with the plan.

Abbas is virtually obliged to do so, with the peace process having stalled for over a year and Palestinians growing impatient with the lack of progress. The vote is expected to pass with an overwhelming majority of nations, and a General Assembly vote cannot be vetoed by the US.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of