Former Mossad Chief: Iranians Should Be ‘Very Worried’ About Attack in Next 12 Weeks

Former Mossad Chief: Iranians Should Be ‘Very Worried’ About Attack in Next 12 Weeks | Says leadup to US vote ‘very critical’ to decision

Speaking on Israeli Radio today, former Israeli Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy warned that he believes the next 12 weeks will be “very critical” to the nation’s decision of whether or not to attack Iran, and that if he was Iranian he would be “very worried.”

“Israel’s threats sound serious and credible to me,” Halevy noted. Israel has been threatening attacks on Iran for years, but has recently ratcheted up the rhetoric significantly, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeking to dismiss any opposition and other officials issuing estimates that downplay the likely impact of the massive war to follow.

The “12 weeks” period would span August, September and October, and would once again bring up the idea of Israel starting a massive war just ahead of the November US election, sucking the US into the conflict in the process.

Obama Administration officials had also played up the period just ahead of the election as a “sweet spot” for such a war, though whether it is purely for the October Surprise factor or is based on the repeated claims that an attack would be more convenient in late summer and early autumn is unclear.

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  • Augustbrhm

    It is america and israel that should be worried Iran will take them with her too should she fall This is not Iraq or Libya and will take it to the shores of the mighty america

  • Dr.Khan

    T he only creature that needed to be worried is either Israelis or better the Americans,who will be SUCKED UP in another wishful war for cleaning way to the Greater Israel.Goodluck to humans on all sides.

  • Dr.Khan

    more worries for Israel who is on self destruct mode and ever morer worries for the Americans who will sucked into another sorry war.

  • Bill Lee

    12 weeks?

    But I want you to make your final fatal mistake now.

  • peter vojta

    It looks there is really nothing people can do avoid Israels aggression against Iran. Only pray Irans response will be so devastating that Israels regime vanishes from history of mankind as UN most embarising project/mistake togheter with its supporters….Evil must be confronted by evil…This time it will be for benefit of Humanity….peter czech

    • Jaime

      But they won't vanish with a big, big bang, and this is what I fear (the Samson option). Israel has always shown to be extremely reckless to the point of attacking its own friends (USS LIberty) to get its ends. If cornered, I'm sure they would like to go with fireworks. This is what happened when the Egyptians broke the Bar-Lev line: the PM ordered their nukes to be armed. This is also what frightened the Americans because their use would have forced the Soviet Union to intervene directly and WWIII had taken place.

  • curmudgeonvt

    If Obama (and his advisors) think that the country will line up behind him if he gets into a war with Iran just before the election, he just might be that one-termer the repugs want. The rightwingers will not bote for him, well, because of who/what he is…and he will lose support from that part of the country that is sick and tired of wars of choice with little return on considerable investment and vast treasure. If he really wants to have this war – and remain in office – he'll wait until after the election – win or lose (might be a nice departing present to an incoming Romney Administration.)

    • the lion

      The problem for Obama will be that if Israel attacks, Iran will HAVE to do the strategic response which will include massive sustained missile attacks on US naval ships, including carriers. Expect a full blown attack against any carriers in the region.

      If that happens Obama will have no choice but to retaliate against Iran!

      However Israel will not come of at all well in this matter, either Militarally or Diplomatically!

      • curmudgeonvt

        "… Israel will not come of at all well in this matter…" And one would think that knowledge might just ensure that an Israeli attack wouldn't happen…one would think. Unless the Israeli plan is to provoke Iran into taking a shot at some US unit in the area and then sit back and backseat direct the war.

        • John_Muhammad

          Or the tried-and-true Israel false-flag attack to make the US *think* its being attacked by Iran…

  • jinx77

    I would say it is the zionist regime that should worry…

    they dont have a clue what iran may be capable of …

    and aside from the religious nutcases in the one else will support them…when fuel prices here sky rocket because of their belligerent actions…

  • John_Muhammad

    If Iran had a nuclear arsenal, or was capable of massive force projection of conventional forces, at this point they'd be perfectly justified in launching an attack on Israel as a pre-emptive action. The US couldn't object, since we brought this very policy to the world stage.

  • Jaime

    No one in the US will support the war? The elite doesn't care what the sheeple wants or thinks. Besides, they are sufficiently brainwashed. A few lines like "The Evil Iranian Army Has Bombed Our Innocent Troops Who Were Doing Nothing But Sitting Pretty" will convince them to start yelling and demanding a full blown response.

  • Shawn

    The USA will be in for some nasty surprizes if they attack Iran. Iran has sophisticated guided missles and also has drone technology, from the captured US drone. Not only that, after rubbing Russia and China's nose in Syria, they have no idea what they are starting. Russia and China recently signed a mutual defense pact. . . . and . . . they both have strong interests in Iran. If Russia and China were smart, they would just provide the Iranians with a few nuclear warheads . . . that would shut the Americans and Israelis up! America and Israel have no right to take action . . . this is the responsibility of the UN.

    Not only that, they have yet to provide one shred of evidence that the Iranians are attempting to produce nuclear weapons. The Israelis and Americans are acting very much like Nazis . . . fabricating "evidence" to start another illegal war.

    I am an American by the way, and I am horrified that this is happening all over again . . . it is just like Iraq and Afghanistan . . . . the Americans have got to be some of the stupidest people on the planet, they make the same mistakes over and over again, and learn nothing.

  • bob

    Iran needs democracy this is probably the only way to get there. There will be sacrifice, but then there will be either way.

  • bob

    USA in for surprises lol, probably some small ones sure but US & Israel vs. Iran is no match at all.
    The could flatten them in less than a fortnight.