Ukraine Launches Dozens of Drone Attacks Across Western Russia

Russia said it shot down 35 drones on Sunday

Ukraine launched dozens of drones across western Russia over the weekend, attacks that coincided with Russian elections that saw President Vladimir Putin win another term, according to preliminary results.

The Russian Defense Ministry said its forces shot down 35 Ukrainian drones across eight Russian oblasts on Sunday morning. According to SouthFront, Russian forces downed a total of 54 drones on Saturday and Sunday.

The Russian Defense Ministry said 17 drones were downed in Russia’s southern Krasnodar Oblast on Sunday, and four were intercepted in the Moscow region. Local authorities said one person died of a “heart attack” during an attack on an oil refinery in Krasnodar, but no other casualties were reported.

Map of Ukrainian drone attacks on Russia (

SouthFront said a total of 19 drones targeted the border region of Belgorod throughout the weekend. Last week, militias fighting for Ukraine made up of Russian volunteers, including the neo-Nazi Russian Volunteer Corps, attempted a ground incursion into Belgorod and the Kursk Oblast using tanks and US armored vehicles.

The RVC has previously said it’s armed with US-made armored vehicles, and Russia said it destroyed Bradley Fighting Vehicles during the raid. Russia said it killed a total of 550 fighters and thwarted the attack, while the RVC has claimed fighting is ongoing.

The uptick in Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory comes as Ukraine is facing significant losses of territory on the battlefield. The Ukrainian operations inside Russia always risk a major escalation since Moscow views them as NATO-assisted attacks. The Economist reported last year that Ukrainian drone attacks on Russia use Western-provided intelligence.

Author: Dave DeCamp

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