Yemen Parties Agree to Two-Month Extension of Truce

Envoy: Both sides commit to intensify negotiations

No one would benefit from the return to violence in Yemen. In spite of that, the UN only managed to get a truce extension Tuesday, the very day before the ongoing ceasefire was to expire.

Hopes were to slap another six months on the truce, but in the end they only managed to get another two months in place, with UN envoy Hans Grundberg adding that the sides agreed to intensify negotiations to reach an expanded truce agreement “as soon as possible.”

The goal is not just to get more time out of the truce, but to start making progress toward ending the war entirely. After seven years, it is more apparent than ever that no one is winning this war.

Despite that, the first six months of truce saw very little progress on peace, and that’s been discouraging. Few people thought the truce could last long enough to get there, but there seems to be willingness to keep the process open.

Biden said that the truce was “not enough.” He’s committed at times to getting the US out of the Yemen War, but when Saudi Arabia and the UAE complain of problems, Biden has dutifully backed the ongoing conflict.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of