US, EU Warn Last Chance for Making Iran Nuclear Deal

US sees Iran's call for sanction relief as 'new demand'

The Iran nuclear talks remain stalled, and even those putting in the most work to try to save the process are getting pessimistic, with EU diplomat Josep Borrell warning decisions are needed now and this may be the last chance.

Following the failed Qatar talks, Borrell warned the political space for a deal is shrinking, and if there is a deal to be had, they need to agree now, before it is too late.

The EU tried to broker talks in Qatar, but ended with no deal in just a day. The US complains that Iran came up with “new demands” which had nothing to do with a nuclear deal.

The “new” demands aren’t really new, but rather Iran wanted a timetable for the US to comply with sanctions relief promised under the deal. It’s hard to imagine spinning that as nothing to do with the deal.

Iran’s push was previously reported after Qatar as wanting the US to assure them they’ll actually get sanctions relief this time. The US refused to make any promises, and suggested the ask was unreasonable.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of