Israeli Jets Strike Suburb South of Syria’s Capital off Damascus

State media: Air defenses intercept most of missiles fired

The latest round of Israeli attacks on Syria saw fighter jets firing a flurry of missiles at Damascus. The missiles hit the suburb of al-Kiswah, though state media reported a vast majority were intercepted by air defenses.

Its not clear what sites were targeted, though Israeli press claimed Kiswah has some Iranian militia sites therein. The strikes did some physical damage, but there is no word yet of casualties.

This is not unusual for Israeli attacks in Syria, as the Syrians have substantial air defenses, and strikes tend to target warehouses and the like, not heavily populated areas.

Nominally these Israeli attacks are aimed at Iran, and therefore anything they hit in Syria gets spun as Iran-linked, even if often they are just Shi’ite militias.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of