Iran Reveals Underground Drone Base, Keeps Location Secret

Base is somewhere in Zagros mountains

Trying to emphasize their growing defensive capabilities, Iranian state media showed a heretofore secret underground drone base. The base is said to house 100 drones, armed with the Iranian equivalent of hellfire missiles.

Likely aware that such a base would be a target, Iran’s revelation of the base did not include a location. The base is reportedly in the Zagros mountains, which spans the western half of the country.

Constant attacks and threats of attacks have forced substantial portions of Iran’s nuclear program underground. While the drones are a conventional defensive asset, they likely see the new systems as equally likely to be targeted.

Iran’s army commander presented the nation’s drones as the region’s most powerful arsenal, and bragged of their ability to upgrade.

Sanctions have forced Iran to become self-sufficient in almost all aspects of their military. In this regard, it seems the drones are getting heavy investment.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of