ISIS Attacks Eastern Iraq Town, Killing Six

ISIS fighters used dust storm to launch attacks

Approaching under the cover of a heavy dust storm, ISIS fighters attacked the town of Jalawla, in eastern Iraq, on Monday. They killed two people in the town, then attacked a family home on the town’s outskirts, killing four more.

Jalawla is in Diyala Province, and near the Iranian border. ISIS has been carrying out attacks in this area for some time, and the attackers in this case appear to have disappeared before security forces arrived.

ISIS has yet to issue a statement on the attack, and might not need to since their culpability is already widely reported. Such strikes tend to be meant to emphasize that ISIS remains present, albeit in smaller numbers, around Iraq.

This attack comes after ISIS claimed to have carried out 12 attacks around Iraq in a single week. It may point to ISIS trying to build up a new campaign of attacks around the summer.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of