Houthi Council Head: Group Not Opposed to Extending Yemen Truce

Group is holding out for 'more encouraging' offer

After over six weeks of very successful ceasefire, the possibility off an extension is being raised, with just two weeks left of the initial deal. The UN is pushing the plan, and Houthi figures, most recently council leader Mahdi Mashat, say they’re open to the idea, but want a “more encouraging” offer.

They didn’t clarify what that means this time, but in the past it has always meant ease of aid shipments. Mashat did say the Houthis would not accept a truce where suffering continues in Yemen.

Early in the ceasefire, the Saudis did not allow all the promised aid through, but that has changed in recent weeks. Aid groups are being encouraged to push goods while the truce survives, but making the most of it would really benefit from an extension.

There is still no word where the Saudis stand on such a deal, but likely any such extension will involve more concerted peace efforts, on top of the growth of aid shipments. Both sides are clearly war-weary, and this is the best chance for peace in years.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.