Yemen’s Houthis Confirm Considering Truce Extension

Ceasefire ends June 2 without extension

Seven years of war in Yemen have seen precious few ceasefires. The current ceasefire, which began at the start of April, was the longest and by far the most successful. A two-month deal, it is scheduled to end June 2.

Earlier this week the UN reported they’d raised a possible extension. Yemen’s Houthis confirmed that Wednesday, saying they are actively considering an extension deal.

It’s a good deal for the civilians involved, as there haven’t been any airstrikes, and the aid delivery is starting to pick up steam with an easing of the blockade under the ceasefire.

The truce has yet to lead to serious peace talks, but with neither side able to win militarily, it seems like there is a strong case to be made to extend the ceasefire and try that path.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of