Food Prices Rise, Iran Clashes With Growing Protests

Intense clashes in central Iran

Inflation is taking a toll all over the world, and one of the big nations to pay the price is Iran, where food subsidies are being cut and prices are soaring for anything flour-based.

Inflation is impacting almost everything, and wheat flour seems to be the most sensitive, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, two major growers, raising concern about availability later in the year.

Across Iran, and especially central Iran, demonstrators are in the streets complaining about the food prices. Security forces are firing tear gas at them, and unconfirmed reports are that six have been killed.

Iran’s options are limited at this point, as the lack of sanctions relief has kept them from getting at any of their frozen assets, and subsequently they can just no longer afford huge subsidies designed to help average Iranians afford food.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of