Yemen’s Ceasefire Yields Five Weeks Without Air Strikes

Calm continues for unprecedented two-month deal

The Yemen Data Project has offered another report on the Yemen ceasefire, and it was more good news. The report detailed that the fifth week of the ceasefire saw no aid raids reported.

This follows up the project’s report on the month of April, which similarly saw no strikes, and no civilian casualties. This is a cumulative perfect five weeks of calm.

The ceasefire is the first calm in years for Yemen, and while both sides have repeatedly claimed violations, there has been no documentation of any such attacks, beyond small skirmishes by smaller factions. There have also been claims of drone strikes, similarly no confirmation.

The ceasefire is meant to both allow improved access to humanitarian aid, and to give way to peace talks. The aid ships were stalled a bit earlier on, but delivery has mostly improved. Talks are also ongoing for more flights from Sanaa Airport.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of