Iran Questions If US Has Will to Finish Nuclear Deal

Iran nuclear deal is in the 'emergency room' awaiting US decision, says official

Another week begins in the Vienna talks aimed at restoring the Iran nuclear deal, and signs that even the optimistic Iran is starting to lose faith in the process, and wonder if a deal will ever get done.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying they’re no longer sure a deal will be made at all, cautioning that more than one issue is yet to be resolved. They did not specify what those issues are.

Notably, they still see the US as the primary obstacle to this deal, saying they’re unsure if the US has the will to get the deal done at all. This has been an ongoing concern, irrespective of the issues to be resolved.

Previously, Iranian officials had indicated that they considered the negotiations to be resolved, and were just waiting on the US to make a “political decision.” The waiting, it seems, is not over.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of