Israel Missile Strikes Hit Western Syrian City of Masyaf

Damage reported from strikes, no casualties

Israel carried out a rare day-time attack on northwestern Syria over the weekend, firing missiles at the city of al-Masyaf, in Hama Province, reportedly from Lebanese airspace.

Masyaf has been a target in the past, with claims there is a presence of Iranian militias there. Israel has yet to comment specifically on why they attacked this time around.

Israeli officials did, however, talk up the growing number of attacks they’ve been carrying out in Syria, presenting them as attacks on Iran. They claimed over 400 airstrikes, mostly in Syria, in this air campaign.

Smoke was reported rising from the areas of the city hit, and some damage was caused. So far, however, it does not appear that there were any casualties.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of