Houthis Seize Villages, Kill 200 Soldiers in Key Yemen Border District

Houthi gains mount, nearing Saudi border

Over the weekend, the Houthis routed a Saudi-led army in Harad, killing 95 soldiers, both Saudis and Sudanese. Wednesday, the Houthis issued a statement claiming another major gain in the neighboring Hayran District.

There’s been no confirmation from the other side, but the Houthis reported capturing 11 villages in Hayran, and killing some 200 enemy soldiers in a week-long offensive.

Next to Harad, the Hayran District is just a couple of miles away from the Saudi Arabian border. Control over this area has been heavily contested, and apart from high casualty Saudi airstrikes, the Houthis seem to have the advantage there.

Border regions seem to have increased in priority as the war in Yemen has escalated and both sides have carried out cross-border attacks. The NW border hadn’t been a top goal for either side earlier in the war, but would be part of the Houthis trying to keep the Saudis away from the capital of Sanaa from the north.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.