US Rejects Israeli PM’s Criticism of Iran Nuclear Talks

State Dept wants coordination with regional allies

Few things are more predictable than Israeli officials taking time out of their busy schedule to complain about Iran, with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett going in hard in condemning Iran’s nuclear talks lately.

Those talks are making progress expected to result in a deal, however, and likely anticipating a new salvo of Israeli comments, the State Department is criticizing Bennett’s comments, saying that coordination would be the best way to achieve their mutual goals.

Officials say they are in contact with Israel on a daily basis, consulting on the process. Israeli officials are playing up the idea that the deal is regionally dangerous.

US interest would be in Israel keeping its mouth shut on the matter, when Israel has made harping on about Iran the core of its public narrative, and seems unlikely to be even grudgingly accepting of the recovery of the deal.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of