UAE Wants UN Security Council to Condemn ‘Terrorist’ Houthi Attack

UAE envoy accuses Houthis of 'spreading terror'

The Monday Houthi attack in Abu Dhabi is still dominating talk in the region, with the United Arab Emirates summoning the UN Security Council, and calling on them to unanimously condemn the “terrorist attacks.”

The Houthi attack involved drones and ballistic missiles, hitting the fuel depot and airport in Abu Dhabi, killing three and doing damage. Even though this was attacks on infrastructure in the context of a war in which Yemen’s infrastructure has been under non-stop attack, the UAE and allies are pushing for unique condemnation in this case, and labeling it terror.

UAE envoy Lana Nussseibeh declared the attack part of “Houthis’ efforts to spread terrorism and chaos.” Cross-border attacks are growing on both sides of this war, and this was the first time UAE territory got hit.

UN officials have already condemned the Abu Dhabi attack, and were also very critical of the retaliations against Yemen’s capital, which killed a number of civilians. The UAE’s call for a meeting suggests they are looking for a more one-sided resolution.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of