Lawmakers Want Biden to Keep Arab States From Normalizing Syria Ties

US would keep Syria isolated diplomatically

Throughout much of Syria, the Syrian War is virtually over. While final settlements in the north are still to be decided on, the Assad government has survived the war, and is looking to make post-war overtures.

The war didn’t go how the US hoped, and to that end a group of bipartisan lawmakers are urging Biden to undermine Syrian attempts to normalize ties, and threaten “consequences” for any nation that restores ties with them.

That’ll be easier said than done for nations with something to gain from Syria ties, though US allied nations like Saudi Arabia were probably going to be late to the game in return to pre-war diplomacy with them.

The bigger challenge is going to be international bodies. Syria was suspended from the Arab League during the war, but with the war over it would be strange for them not to return as a member.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of