Saudis Say ‘Urgent’ Situation, They’re Running Out of Patriot Missiles

Fighting with Houthis increases use of interceptors

Saudi Arabia is pushing the US to rush sales of Patriot missiles for their air defense system, warning that they are running out and face an “urgent situation” if they don’t get more.

Escalation of the cross-border strikes in Yemen has seen the Saudis using a lot more interceptors than they had been, and at this rate they will run out of missiles in months.

The US almost certainly will sell the Saudis more, but such sales can be very slow. The Saudis have been pushing GCC allies for loans of a few missiles in the meanwhile.

This war is costing the Saudis huge amounts in weapons buys, and is lasting far longer than they expected. The cost of their air war was already huge, and now they’re rushing to get air defense arms as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of