Nearly 200 Killed in Fighting in and Around Yemen’s Maarib

Heavy fighting reported in Shabwah offensive

Nearly 200 people have been killed in Yemen on Tuesday, both in airstrikes against the Maarib Province and in heavy fighting in neighboring Shabwah, where pro-Saudi forces have launched an anti-Houthi push

As always, the airstrikes caused the bulk of the Houthi casualties, with 125 reported slain. This included not just Maarib, but spillover into al-Bayda and Shabwah.

As for ground fighting in Shabwah, the pro-Saudi Giants Brigade took some heavy losses, some 70 fighters killed there in the fighting against the Houthis.

The fighting in Shabwah comes with an eye toward the brigade expelling the Houthis, who are trying to limit supply lines into Maarib from that direction. This is only part of the fighting over Shabwah, as pro-UAE forces recently seized the province and ousted the governor.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of