ISIS Attacks Iraqi Kurdish Village, 13 Killed

10 Peshmerga slain, along with three civilians

An overnight ISIS attack on the village of Khidir Jija in Iraqi Kurdistan saw several homes attacked, and at least 13 killed. Officials say 10 Peshmerga and three civilians were killed.

Kurdish officials reported this as an ISIS attack, calling for increased cooperation with the Iraqi Army, and more international support to handle security in the region.

One thing that is conspicuously absent from a typical ISIS attack is ISIS claiming credit for it. The group has as of yet made no comments on the matter, and that’s unusual.

At their peak, ISIS had cut deep into the territory around where this attack took place, and the Peshmerga did a lot of the heavy lifting in fighting ISIS and ultimately expelling them from the area.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of