Saudi Warplanes Attack Houthi Camp in Yemen’s Capital

Powerful explosion reported on hilltop attack

A Saudi fighter jet carried out airstrikes against the 1st Armored Division Camp of Yemen’s capital of Sanaa. Locals reported this caused explosions felt throughout the city.

The camp in question is on a hilltop, and the surrounding area is all densely populated residential areas. This meant the strike put a lot of civilians at risk, though casualties are unclear.

The Saudis have been attacking Sanaa increasingly often in recent weeks, claiming everything they’re hitting is a “legitimate military target.” Far too often, these strikes seem to be right in populated areas.

In addition to the strikes in Sanaa, the Saudis fired artillery shells into the Sadaa Province, killing at least three people. The Saudis have yet to comment on why they attacked the border area.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of