Rockets Fired at US Base in Eastern Syria

US warplanes seen in skies after rocket fire

A flurry of rockets were fired at the US military base near an airport in Hasakeh on Tuesday. There was no word of casualties. The US hasn’t officially commented on the matter at all, beyond CENTCOM acknowledging it.

Locals said that US warplanes were very active in the skies after the rockets, though there was no word of the US forces launching any sorties yet.

Syrian media suggested the rockets were fired by “pro-Iran militias,” which in this part of the country almost always means Iraqi Shi’ites. Those groups are hostile toward the US inside Iraq, and inevitably in Syria as well.

Locals reported four blasts heard during the attack, though its not clear what, if anything, was hit, and the situation as it stands remains largely uncertain.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of