Saudis Report 295 Houthis Killed in Yemen Over the Weekend

Heavy airstrikes reported on both Saturday and Sunday

The Saudi coalition issued a statement reporting 157 Houthis killed in airstrikes around Maarib on Saturday. High daily strikes are common statements from the Saudis.

This was followed by a second statement of 138 more Houthis killed Sunday, so 295 were claimed killed, and tens of military vehicles destroyed, just over the weekend.

That’s a lot killed in a weekend, but 100 killed a day is virtually par for the course in Maarib, as the Houthis approach a takeover, and the Saudis rely on airstrikes to slow them down.

Despite thousands killed, the Houthis are close to taking Maarib City. The city is now practically surrounded, and a siege by the Houthis is expected to begin soon.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of