Turkey Prepares Fresh Syria Offensive, But Backlash Is Likely

Attacks on Kurds likely to draw a reaction

Since Turkey’s parliament extended its military operations in Iraq and Syria, it’s been virtually a foregone conclusion that another operation against Syria’s Kurds would be imminent.

Turkey-backed rebels are openly talking about their readiness, and are getting military supplies from Turkey to gear up for that. There is no date announced yet for the offensive, but it is expected soon.

Attacking Kurds is politically popular for the Erdogan government, but that doesn’t mean it’s consequence-free. The attacks on the Kurds are almost certain to provoke reactions, and not positive ones.

The US is allied with the Kurds, and would be expected to maybe say something. At the same time, Syria’s government will oppose the Turkish invasion, and their allies, Russia, are also likely to condemn the Turkish move.

That has not been enough for Turkey to not attack Kurds, and likely they’ll do it anyhow again and act offended if anyone has a problem with it. That’s been the go-to strategy for Erdogan for years, and has led to a lot of regional resentment.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.