Drone Attacks US Military Base in Southern Syria

Base's airspace had been used for Israeli overflights in recent attacks

Most of the focus on US troops in Syria is those occupying an oilfield in the far east. The bigger presence is at al-Tanf, however, along the Syria-Jordan border. That base was under attack from drones Wednesday, according to US officials.

It’s not clear who was responsible for the attack, though Shi’ite Iraqi militias are being suspected in most media coverage. The US certainly has fought with them enough to give them motive, but no one is taking credit.

Early reports are that there are no casualties from the strike, but damage assessment is ongoing, so the exact figures aren’t yet confirmed.

Adding to that suspicion, two Israeli air attacks last week saw warplanes fly over al-Tanf’s airspace, which pointed to US involvement in, or at least support of, strikes targeting the militias.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.