Saudis Say 150 Houthis Killed in Fresh Airstrikes Around Yemen’s Maarib

1,100 killed in the past week

Daily death tolls in central Yemen of over 100 Houthis really are just normal lately, as the Houthis near taking over Maarib and Saudi Arabia commits to ever-growing airstrikes to try to slow them down.

On Monday this saw the Saudis saying 13 military vehicles were destroyed and 150 “terrorists” killed in strikes. This brings the single-week death toll to 1,100 Houthis, almost all killed within 100 km of Maarib.

As death tolls have soared, the Saudis statements increasingly label the killed as “terrorists.” The death tolls don’t seem to be derailing the Houthi offensive, with Maarib now on the brink of falling.

The fight for Maarib has raged since February, and the end will be a huge symbolic victory for whoever ends up with it. They’ll have a lot of refugees to take care of as well, as the area has become a gathering place for displaced people.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of