Militias Threaten Response After Israel Kills Nine in Strike on Syria

Israeli attack passed through Jordan airspace

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that nine pro-government fighters were killed in Wednesday night’s Israeli attack near Palmyra. Five are of “undetermined nationality.”

The militias reacted angrily, promising to respond forcefully to the attack. Israel didn’t comment, but after months of attacks on these militias it’s not clear why this would be the one to finally provoke retaliation.

Nor is it necessarily going to be retaliation against Israel. The attacks came through Jordanian airspace, and over a US base. This could lead to claims of US and Jordanian responsibility, and the militias could hit either of them over the incident.

Israel rarely comments on specific attacks, but styles its strikes as targeting Iran. In practice, this means hitting any Shi’ite group they can find, which is fueling a lot of anger, even though it has yet to spill over into massive retaliation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of