Saudi Airstrikes Kill 17 Houthis in Yemen’s Maarib

Strikes targeted Houthi forces on frontline

Fighting continued in north Yemen’s Maarib Province this weekend, and once again Saudi forces are relying on airstrikes to keep the Houthis at bay, killing 17 Houthis and destroying six trucks near the frontline.

Fighting in Maarib is centered on Sirwah District, where the Houthis have set up positions and keep ferrying in reinforcements. There is still no sign that either side is close to taking over the area.

Chiefly, pro-Saudi forces control Maarib, though the Houthis have at times taken control of key inroads into the area, especially from nearby Bayda. Fighting has been ongoing for Maarib since February, with high death tolls but no decisive victories.

Both sides seem to believe winning in Maarib would put them in a stronger position for peace talks, but the lack of conclusion has left the talks delayed for months, and neither side is in a position to take advantage of anything.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of