US: IAEA Report Shows Urgent Need for North Korea Talks

Administration wants complete denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

Top Biden Administration officials are saying that there is an “urgent need” for new dialogue with North Korea aimed at denuclearization, following the latest IAEA report on the isolated nation’s nuclear activities.

The IAEA had reported signs of operation at the 5-MW reactor in North Korea, the first sign of operation there since 2018. The reactor is capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium as a by-product.

Talks during the Trump Administration received assurances on denuclearization, but fell apart when the US not only refused to offer sanctions relief, but also kept adding more sanctions to prove they were playing hardball.

North Korea’s Kim says he sees “no hostile intent” from the US, and that he is open to meeting at any time and place. The Biden Administration has raised the possibility of diplomacy, but has suggested they aren’t willing to offer sanctions relief either.

That sums up US diplomatic failures on nuclear talks right there, as the US is more than willing to sit down with nations, but goes in refusing the idea of offering anything in return for what it wants.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of