Iran Asks Iraq to Expel Rebels From Kurdish Border Areas

Iran wants 'preventative measures' against armed groups

Iran’s national security body has issued a statement requesting that Iraq formally expel members of certain Kurdish militant groups from the Iraqi Kurdistan region, warning Iran will have to take measures for security if they don’t.

Along the border area of Iraqi and Iranian Kurdistan, the Iranian government has had several skirmishes with PDKI and PJAK. The comments were made during a visit with Iraq’s Foreign Minister.

Whether Iraq will expel the groups remains to be seen. Iraq is generally on good terms with Iran about security issues, though interfering with any groups operating out of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s territory is not common for Iraq.

Iran has proxy groups in Iraq, some of them affiliated with the Iraqi military, and those groups could easily end up being brought to bear against the Kurdish factions, though this would risk destabilizing the border area.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of