Scores of Civilians Killed in Fighting Around Central Afghanistan

Locals claim Taliban killed 43 civilians in Ghazni Province

The Taliban are accused of having killed scores of civilians in multiple operations in their territory across central and southern Afghanistan recently. Taliban leaders are denying any human rights violations occurred.

Residents of Malistan, a district in Ghazni Province, claimed that the Taliban killed a number of civilians for no apparent reason earlier this month. They estimated 43 civilians were slain.

33 more civilians, reportedly including religious scholars and journalists, were killed in Kandahar. The Afghan Human Rights Commission reported that they were killed in the past two weeks.

In addition to those reports, the Taliban reportedly captured five people in Kabul Province, including four security members, and ultimately executed them. Locals claimed the Taliban tortured them, and complained that the Afghan government failed to provide security for them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of