Iran Denies Links to Iraqi Militia’s Attack on US

Officials say US claims 'factually wrong'

This week, the US informed the UN Security Council of its recent attacks in Iraq and Syria. They once again presented the targeted Iraqi militia as an “Iran-backed” group, and claimed that the US attacks were meant to deter Iran.

Over the weekend, Iran’s UN envoy responded, dismissing the US claims as “factually wrong” and saying at the militia and its attacks had nothing to do with Iran.

This has been a recurring matter for years with the US in the region, as the US consistently attacks Shi’ite groups and attempts to link those groups to Iran, whether they have any ties or not.

This more or less amounts to the US reiterating its allegations at the UN after making a public case for its attacks before. Iran’s denial is largely the same as criticism of the US attack at the time, that this is an attack on Iraq, not Iran.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of