Former Israeli General: Iran Closer Than Ever to Nuclear Bomb

Says nuclear deal needs to be tougher

Speaking at a conference, former Israeli Gen. Gadi Eisenkot declared Iran to be closer than ever to a nuclear bomb. This is a recurring theme in Israeli politics, based on the false belief that Iran will eventually acquire nuclear arms.

Israel’s perennial belief that Iran is close to nuclear arms is scarcely news. What is interesting is that Eisenkot appeared to be critical of the US scrapping the JCPOA nuclear deal. Though he conceded that was a decision up to the US, he argued that keeping Iran away from arms would be better facilitated with a tough enforcement JCPOA.

This stands far apart from the Israeli narrative, as they generally hate the idea of any deals with Iran, and argue that war is inevitable. A more palatable JCPOA was similarly something the Israelis previously hadn’t wanted to acknowledge was possible.

In practice, Iran has ruled out ever seeking nuclear arms, and the JCPOA is intended to cover Iran’s civilian program. Iran has never attempted to enrich uranium to weapons-grade levels, and their religious leadership has declared it forbidden to attempt to make the arms.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of