General: US Withdrawing, But Will Keep Supporting Afghan Forces Militarily

Says rapid losses to Taliban are 'worrisome'

Speaking to reporters in Kabul, Gen. Austin Miller detailed the ongoing US withdrawal from Afghanistan, worrying about the mounting losses by Afghan security forces, and promising US military support in the future.

He focused on the Afghan forces’ losses in a Taliban offensive, but that the US warplanes will remain there “to support and defend” Afghan troops under attack.

It’s not clear exactly where the US planes will be based to keep conducting strikes in Afghanistan beyond the pullout. Officials have constantly promised it will happen and the US will in some way retain this capability.

Miller didn’t want to get into how this US capability would happen, continuing to demand that the Taliban stop carrying out attacks, and pledging ongoing US “sustainment support.”

US planes have a long range for operations, but if the US intends to just keep engaging in military operations within Afghanistan decades after failing to achieve their war goals, it seems like they’re making things less convenient, but are determined to avoid any real ending to the war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of