ISIS Claims Attack on Iraqi Power Station

Ministry of Electricity confirms station was hit by Katyusha rockets

ISIS has issued a statement over the weekend claiming that they were behind a rocket attack on a power state in Samarra. The Ministry of Electricity had confirmed the attack.

According to the ministry, the Katyusha rockets hit the Salah al-Din Power Station, and did “severe damage” to the generating unit. It is unclear if anyone was killed in the attacks.

This is one of the biggest ISIS-claimed attacks in Iraq in over a year, as the group has fired some rockets here and there but was never anything damaged to this extent.

ISIS has a very limited presence in Iraq, with most of the remnant fighters in the Syrian desert, trying to reassert themselves there. So far, they’ve not been successful, and ISIS controls no populated areas.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of