Afghan Commandos Routed After Promised Reinforcements Never Showed Up

Special forces complain they were 'betrayed' by other troops

Last week, dozens of Afghan commandos were killed in Faryab Province in a Taliban offensive. This was a major defeat, and led the Taliban to push into Faryab’s capital over the weekend. Now, details are emerging on the loss.

The commandos hadn’t realized that they were on their own, and it was noted at the timeĀ  they sent vehicles to pick up reinforcements. They were meant to have 50 troops as backup, and even more reinforcements in the area. They were sent to take a district from the Taliban.

Clearly, the commandos couldn’t do this on their own, and by themselves they were “good as dead.” Unfortunately the military decided against sending those reinforcements, and left the commandos to die.

Supposedly the military decided it was too risky to send reinforcements because the Taliban might know about the plan. Either way, the special forces see this as a betrayal from the rest of the security forces in hanging them out to dry.

Interestingly, the US is refusing all comment on the matter, and is being pressed on whether the Afghans sought air support or any help for the commandos. No support was ever sent.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of