Israel Launches Missile Attack in NW Syria, Killing One

Syrian state media reported that plastic factory was hit in attack

For the first time in two weeks, Israel has attacked Syria, with a flurry of missile fire raining down on northwestern Syria’s towns of Haffeh and Masyaf. The towns are just east of Latakia port.

Syrian state media reported that one person was killed and at least six others wounded. They added that a number of the missiles were intercepted. It’s not clear what was being attacked, but the media reported a plastic factory was among the sites hit.

Israel attacks military targets, or warehouses they think are related to Shi’ite militias, almost constantly in Syria. Two weeks ago, Syria had an air defense missile errantly fly into Israel while resisting an attack, which led Israel to threaten more attacks.

As usual, Israel is not commenting on the attack, let alone the rationale for such an attack. There is always speculation that any attack has something to do with Iran, but in this case it seems to just be a plastic factory.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of