Russian Airstrikes Kill 29 ISIS in Central Syria

72 hours of strikes target ISIS in deserts

Over the past 72 hours, Russia has been carrying out airstrikes against ISIS targets in central Syria. At least 29 ISIS fighters were reported killed so far, and a number of others are badly wounded.

The attacks centered on the desert in central Hama Province, and went all the way to the Deir Ezzor Province border, where ISIS fighters are often hiding in the deserts along the main highway.

ISIS forces control no real towns in Syria any longer, but still have substantial numbers of fighters in the deserts, and often ambush military convoys when they happen by. Russia is likely keen to root some of the bigger forces out.

Years after losing their territory in various government offensives, ISIS still seems to hope to recover, and at times will make a run at a few towns in a poorly defended area. So far, that has not worked, but they show no signs of giving up.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of