In ‘Ironclad Commitment’ to Israel’s Defense, US Stakes Out Policy Shift

Biden Administration will promote two-state solution

Once an obligatory offering from any new US administration, the Biden Administration’s vow of an “ironclad commitment” to Israel’s security is likely not such a pledge of loyalty as those in the past.

In moving beyond the simple promise of military support, the statement suggests potentially substantial changes to US policy from the administration that came before, in particular a promise to “work to promote regional integration and a two-state solution with the Palestinians.”

This too used to be de rigueur for US administrations, but over the past four years both Israel and the Trump administration repeatedly disavowed the two-state solution, and positioned the US as de facto committed to the occupation of Palestine and broad annexations thereof, as opposed to an equitable agreement.

Israel is likely watching the Biden commitments closely, as the Netanyahu government not only stepped away from the time-honored pretense of a two-state solution, but spent the past four years vilifying the Obama Administration as insufficiently committed to Israel.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of