European Nations Bristle at Iran’s New Access Deal With IAEA

Officials demand Iran reverse 'dangerous' move

Britain, France, and Germany issued a joint statement on Iran’s decision to limit IAEA inspections, restricting access to non-nuclear sites. They warned it was a “dangerous” move that needed to be reversed.

It’s the sort of perfunctory response one would expect to Iran limiting access. It’s also one not shared by the party it really effects, the IAEA, as chief Rafael Grossi has tried to explain and defend the deal since it was reached.

Explanation isn’t so easy as it amounts to Iran reversing its Additional Protocols, something it was only voluntarily complying with, until a deal on sanctions relief comes. The limits are just based on what wasn’t strictly agreed to in the past, with Iran trying to keep its options open.

When Trump was president, the EU3 would’ve been expected to condemn this move by Iran, and it seems they are doing so anyhow, even if Biden is willing to make a deal, and the objections aren’t warranted.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of