IAEA, Iran Reach Deal on Reduced Access for Inspectors

Monitoring will be continued for three months under new deal

IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi has issued a statement confirming an agreement with Iran to continue monitoring and verification of their nuclear program under a level of reduced access beginning on Tuesday.

Starting Tuesday, and for the next three months, the deal provides reduced access, and no more snap inspections. Grossi referred to this as a “good, reasonable result” of the negotiations.

Iran’s parliament mandated a move in February to reduce inspections, and end snap access.  This was meant originally to protest the assassination of their top nuclear scientist. Some early reports overstated this, claiming Iran would expel the IAEA outright, which of course wasn’t going to happen.

The Rouhani government has been careful to tread a middle ground where parliament is satisfied by these measures but the IAEA continues to affirm their broad compliance. In this case that required some negotiations, but in the end, everyone was satisfied.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.