Syrian State Media Confirms Israeli Attacks Near Damascus

Missile defenses activate, no word on casualties

Syrian state media is reporting a new round of Israeli airstrikes near the capital city of Damascus. Video footage showed explosions near the ground, and the media say that the air defense systems activated and contested the attack.

Details are still emerging, and Israel is as usual refusing to comment at all on the matter. Syria has yet to confirm any casualties or damage, though the explosions suggest at least some damage was done.

Also unclear is what the target of this latest attack was meant to be. Israel attacks Syria very often, and its not unusual for those attacks to target Damascus, and be nominally meant to hit some Shi’ite militia.

Israel’s media presents Shi’ite militias as “Iranian proxies” in most reports, and makes this as though Israel was attacking Iran directly. Rarely are Iranians actually hit, and most Israeli strikes hit Shi’ites from Iraq, Afghanistan, or Lebanon.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of